Cathie Wu

Counseling Psychologist

M.A. Counseling Psychology (University of St. Thomas, MN, USA)

Announcement: Cathie Wu is no longer taking on new clients. Please contact our reception and our client co-ordinators can assist and direct you to another Rekindle clinician who might be able to support you. Thank you.


Mental health is an essential requisite of our overall health, and in pursuit of a holistic concept of well-being we invariably need to address our psychological, emotional, social, and behavioural difficulties and needs.  I firmly believe that striving for better mental health is both an individual and a collaborative process; to be achieved with introspection, discovery, and change with a competent and empathic professional.  I have been dedicated to the practice of assessing, diagnosing, treating, and empowering my clients since 2007 through various settings including large-scale national and international hospital and universities.

I have worked with a truly diverse mix of clientele in USA and Malaysia including US army veterans, clients with psychiatric and personality diagnoses, clients with acute and long term adjustment difficulties, cancer survivers, acute and chronic disease patients, and geriatric adults.  My work regularly involves clients with mood disorders (e.g. Depression, Bipolar I & II); anxiety disorders (e.g. Panic, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias); grief, bereavement and loss; substance abuse; sexual and gender identity disorders; schizophrenia and delusional disorders; somatoform disorders; tic disorders; and personality disorders.  I also conduct various psychological and basic neuropsychological assessments ranging from depression and anxiety, career interest, to personality, as well as dementia and progressive neurocognitive decline.  My client cohorts range in age from young adults to the elderly.

I am trained in and practice a variety of psychotherapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy; Logotherapy; Client-centred therapies (e.g. Rogerian and Gestalt Therapy); Behaviour Modification; Brief Therapies (e.g. Solution-focused and Brief Psychodynamic Therapy); Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT); and Integrative Psychotherapy.  As each client is a unique individual differing in life experience, so must difficulties be unique in each’s own reality.  I am cognizant and respectful of the importance of individuation and tailoring of therapy to my clients.  It remains a very important part of the treatment process in order to develop and promote better and faster results.  I assess the progress of each client on a continuous basis throughout therapy and will advocate and seek the right referrals for you should needs arise.

Your initial consultation will involve a guided history taking to facilitate better understanding of your relevant personal history and current difficulties. You will be offered recommendations and feedback, including therapy goals, session arrangement, estimated duration, and other questions you may have as a client should you choose to continue regular therapy work with me.  I will remain flexible in my approach in order to maximize convenience and benefit to you as my client.  This includes a staggered discount for on-going cumulative therapy sessions as well as for physician referrals.

I am a Canadian expatriate from western Canada.  I have lived in various cities around the world including Shanghai, Calgary, Minneapolis-St.Paul, and am currently residing and working in Kuala Lumpur for more than 4 years.  Through my personal experience in the often itinerant lifestyle of an expat, I understand the complex “rollercoaster” of psychological, emotional, and physical difficulties and alienation that expats and their families frequently experience.  Through years of work with clients of different nationalities including a large varied client base from the Malaysian population, I continue to learn culture-specific needs and competency.  I regularly teach, train, and supervise students and collaborate with other clinicians in psychological and neuropsychological research and publication.  In my personal time, I like to immerse myself in various discliplines of health and social science, often including Health Psychology, Sociology, History, and Religious Studies.


English, Mandarin, Shanghainese.

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