Dr. Christian Kohlross

English / Deutsch

Germany-Licensed Mental Health Therapist
Licensed by German Public Health Authorities (Gesundheitsamt Berlin, Tempelhof Schöneberg, Rathausstr. 27, 12105 Berlin)


Habilitation, Cultural Studies, University of Mannheim, Germany
PhD, Philosophy & German Literature,  University of Mannheim, Germany
MA Sociology, Philosophy, German Literature, University of Heidelberg, Germany


  • Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, ISTDP (Washington School of Psychiatry & The German ISTDP Society)
  • Systemic Therapy (Campus Naturalis, Berlin)
  • Systemic Couples Therapy (IF Weinheim, Germany)
  • Hypnotherapy (Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona)


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Training (Aaron T. Beck Institute, Philadelphia)
  • Group Psychotherapy Training (Washington School of Psychiatry & American Group Psychotherapy Association)
  • Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Training (Washington DC)


  • Adjunct Professor (Priv. Doz.): University of Mannheim (Germany), Sigmund Freud Private University Berlin (Germany)
  • Guest Professorships: University of Virginia (Charlottesville, USA), Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Marmara University (Istanbul)   
  • Deputy Director of the Graduate Program, Globalization and Cultural Studies, University of Mannheim (Germany)
  • Supervisor of Postdoc, PhD Students, and Psychotherapy Students at Campus Naturalis, Berlin   


Encountering problems over the course of one’s life is a normal occurrence, but it can be incredibly taxing and can dampen healthy functioning. As a professional, my goal is to quickly and effectively help my clients find a solution to overcome life’s debilitating conflicts. The first step in this direction is the creation of a wholesome and trusting environment that enables the client to work together with me to develop strategies to face such challenges. Moving towards a solution, I help clients to learn how to re-establish their relationship with their own resources, abilities and strengths. I specialize in working with women and men who are struggling with depression, anxiety, relational trauma, and anger management. I also work with couples and families. To change more deeply-stuck behaviors (such as addiction, compulsions, or anxious habits) I apply techniques from hypno-systemic and behavioral therapies with Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), which has shown to be highly effective in my work with clients. 

ISTDP: In the case of a deep-seated problem that is closely intertwined with a person’s entire personality, an effective way to move towards health is the application of Dr. Habib Davanloo’s method of intensive short-term psychotherapy. 40 years of empirical research has led to a solid treatment of various forms of anxiety and depression, as well as other mental disorders such as personality and social disorders. The aim of this technique is to overcome emotional blockages by accessing the subconscious roots of the disorder and removing them effectively and completely. ISTDP differs from other psychological treatments and is a confrontational method that directly targets the emotional center of the symptoms (see: www.istdp.com).

Couples Therapy: Another focus area of my work is couples therapy. One often hears the same old story: each party tries to solve conjugal problems individually at first, yet when they finally try to work together, it is already too late. It does not have to be this way! Choosing couples therapy, even in short term formats between 3 to 10 sessions, not only leads to realistic chances of saving a marriage or love relationship that seems to be already lost, but can often turn a crisis into a new beginning.

Personal Background

A therapist’s personal life experience blends together with his or her training in psychotherapy to help clients well. For me, these include my experience as a father, husband, and a friend, as well as my living and working experience in different countries and continents. My international experiences include Palestine and the United States, where I taught psychoanalysis and cultural studies, and of course Germany, where I taught systemic as well as psychodynamic psychotherapy, and where I have worked as a therapist. I now look forward to working with clients in Kuala Lumpur at Rekindle, since I will be situated in Malaysia for several years.

I had and still have the great pleasure to teach students in subjects such as psychotherapy, literature, philosophy, and psychoanalytic cultural studies. My students, in turn, have also taught me a lot. When I try to teach myself, I write. Over the years I have published five books, numerous articles,  and a few radio broadcasts (German). My scholarly interest lies in political psychology and the question of how individual and collective suffering are intertwined. Outside of work, I enjoy practicing meditation, playing football, listening to classical music, travelling and meeting up with friends.    


Fluent in English & German

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