Saila Subramaniam

(Malaysia – KB02373)

Ph.D. in Couple & Family Therapy – Michigan State University (in pursuit)
Masters in Counseling (HELP University)
LL.B (UK), Bar-at -Law (Middle Temple, UK)

Grief, Trauma, Crisis Intervention — International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Assessment


There is nothing like experiencing the various shades of life to truly appreciate the human journey. I have been involved in the helping profession in one capacity or another for more than two decades. From my professional and personal experience, I truly believe that the relationship we have with our selves determines the quality of our relationship with the significant people in our lives. I subscribe to the total wellness approach in which the body, mind and spirit are integrated so that life can be lived more consciously and fully.

I completed my Masters in Counseling at HELP University in November 2011 and commenced further training under the supervision of Dr. Johnben Loy, founder and clinical director of Rekindle.  I have received approval as a registered and licensed counselor by the Malaysian Counseling Board (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia), since May 2012. My primary focus as a counselor is to ensure that I attend to my clients with a high level of professionalism in accordance with the prevailing ethical standards.

My role as a Counselor at Rekindle is to enable you to live your life more meaningfully and effectively. I firmly believe that clients who are aware of their strengths and resources are better prepared to dig deep within themselves to meet the challenges of life. While I am open to seeing clients with a variety of presenting concerns, my areas of special interest are Grief and Trauma Counseling as well as Marriage and Family Therapy.

I will work collaboratively with you most often in the format of short-term goal-oriented therapy (6-15 sessions). I begin with a full intake assessment (75-min. for individual clients; 100-min. for couples/families), at the end of which I will give you some feedback and recommendations. Should you decide to enter into therapy with me after the intake, we will work together to set the goals for therapy, identify the modality of treatment intervention, and evaluate the progress of therapy over a specified number of sessions (e.g. 4-6 sessions). If you do not appear to be improving after some time (e.g. 5-7 sessions),  I will re-evaluate the intervention in collaboration with Rekindle’s clinical director, Dr.Johnben Loy and if necessary, refer you for further help with other professionals.

In addition to my training in therapy, I have extensive background in law. My academic qualifications include an LLB (Hons) from Queen Mary College, University of London. I have also been called to the Bar of England and Wales as well as to the Malaysian Bar. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of litigation and have been involved in civil and family law matters, including representing clients in the Appellate Courts.

I have worked as a trainee Medical Social Worker at Kota Bharu General Hospital where I was responsible for assisting health care workers in prevention, early detection, treatment and rehabilitation of patients and providing counseling services for patients who were HIV+ or with AIDS and their families.

I have received certification from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation on Grief following Trauma, Individual Crisis Intervention, Trauma to Addictions and Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention. I have also received accreditation training to administer the Prepare-Enrich Assessment Instrument to Couples from Focus on the Family.

Prior to joining Rekindle, I interned at AWAM (All Women’s Action Society) where my duties included manning the Telenita crisis hotline, counseling and/or providing crisis intervention, referrals and legal advice to women who were victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse or having general relationship problems with their partners, and at Kinterlink Sdn Bhd (Rekindle‘s former name) where I conducted individual and couples therapy. In addition I also completed my practicum at the Centre for Psychological and Counseling Services (CPCS) at HELP University where I provided individual and group counseling sessions.

I am a mother of two grown children.


English, Bahasa Malaysia, Malayalam and Tamil (basic)


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