Sudha Kudva

Registered & Licensed Counsellor (Malaysia, KB-01672, PA-01245)
Certified Play Therapist & Clinical Supervisor for Play and Creative Art Therapies (Play Therapy International)

Masters in Counselling (University of Malaya)
M.Sc. Biochemistry (University of Malaya)
M.Sc. Biochemistry (University of Madras)


Certified Play Therapist & Accredited Clinical Supervisor for Play and Creative Art Therapies (Play Therapy International); Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (Basic Externship & Core Skills); Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Parts I & II; Diploma in Regression Therapy.

Announcement: Due to a very full client schedule, Sudha will only be able to take on new clients from next year (2018). If you really need to talk to her, please do leave a message with our client coordinators. She will get back to you when possible. Meanwhile, our client co-ordinators can assist and direct you to another Rekindle clinician who might be able to support you. Thank you.


Life is a lot about relationships. Our brains are hard wired to get our emotional needs met through relationships. From my personal experience – the relationship one has with oneself impacts all other relationships. As one learns to respect, forgive, appreciate and value oneself, the color of the lens through which one views the world shifts to a pleasanter one. To put this simply – happiness does not remain a dream but is attainable in the here and now.

In my many years of work with clients, especially children, I have discovered that many childhood experiences contribute to us becoming the person we are today. As children grow up, unmet needs can remain buried, unrecognized, and unacknowledged. Fast forward – two such adults get close to each other and commit to having a serious relationship. Over time, this relationship goes into discord, distress, or gets dysfunctional because of the buried unmet needs. I find it such a privilege to be able to help couples journey through these complex and difficult relationship dynamics including issues stemming from childhood wounds, infidelity, and expatriation stress, to name a few.

Understanding that a young child’s inappropriate behavior comes from unmet emotional needs was initially a struggle for me to believe in. However, through practicing Play Therapy with children, I saw dysfunctional behavior gradually reduced or stopped completely as unmet needs were met (through therapy). It was a fascinating experience! Over time, I came to view the child not just as an isolated unit but part of the larger family system that includes parents. This led me to the understanding that we also need to work with the larger system for long-lasting positive change. Working with parents, helping them to understand, and empowering them with skills to meet the emotional needs of their child is something close to my heart. I approach this work from the perspective that every parent does his or her best for the child, but that good intentions are sometimes lost or misunderstood in translation, thereby taking a toll on the child, as demonstrated by the child’s inappropriate behaviors.

I grew up in India. My father worked in the Indian Railways and he was transferred to a different state every 2-3 years. I studied in five different schools. Eventually I graduated from the world of studies, married a Malaysian, and relocated to Malaysia in 1980. We went on to live in UK for a couple of years before returning to KL. I chose to be a homemaker raising two children (now adults living overseas). I was actively involved in various community projects while my husband works in the medical field as a gastroenterologist.

Among my various varied life experiences, I have had the privilege of volunteering with A.C.T.S. Bhd running mental health programs for refugees in collaboration with United Nations High Commission for Refugees. I did my internship and later worked in a non-governmental organization, Protect and Save the Children, where I counseled children and adult survivors of sexual abuse. I have also volunteered in local schools for 4 years counseling children through play.

I am fully open to working with people of all ethnicities and spiritual traditions. I am especially passionate about working with couples, parents and families in distress.

It has been a journey to arrive at where I am today and I am committed to helping you begin your journey towards healing and wholeness.


English, Konkani, Tamil, Hindi and Malay.

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