Journeying: Together and Apart


Journeying: Together and Apart
By Dr. Johnben Loy, Ph.D., LMFT

Source: E. Thor Carlson, Fine Art Tapestry

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a thousand words is not enough to articulate the richness of a person’s life. A picture is only one snapshot in time; an individual’s life is constantly in motion — flowing, growing, transforming. And when lives come together, the tapestry of interwoven realities becomes so rich, the wonderful complexity of it all cannot be captured in any single snapshot.

This is how I felt at Rekindle’s half-yearly gathering last Saturday when our clinicians, clinical interns, and staff got together. We don’t often gather as an entire group, so I was surprised at how large we have become. I marvelled as I watched our folks talk and laugh freely with one another — so many different relationships that have birthed because of this place called Rekindle.

And then I think of the many other lives that have come our way — 7 former clinical interns, almost 20 undergraduate interns, and many counsellors and therapists who have received training at Rekindle. We are a rich tapestry of lives interwoven at different points in time as we journeyed along, learning to become better helping professionals.

Some of the people who had been with Rekindle have moved on. It is natural. As we gathered at Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwiches last Saturday, we celebrated Alvin Tan’s (clinical psychologist) departure from Rekindle to venture into a different life trajectory. He has transformed his care for client mental well-being into the care of perfecting delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, juices, and coffees. The food is surprisingly good, especially for its affordable price. As Alvin’s life takes its unique turn, we too, could come together and experience his (delicious) new journey, celebrate with him, and support him.

Again, the sandwiches are very good and very affordable! And so is the cappuccino! Be sure to visit Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for a nice weekend breakfast!

There is no need to lament the losing of business partners or associates or staff. Whenever life leads us to grow into different directions, we can celebrate with each other. We can cherish the moments of interweaving that have enriched us, and we can look forward to how the different journeys will create new tapestries. Who knows, some threads may reconnect and interweave again. If we allow it — and put effort into making it happen — we can rejoice in our joinings and our departings. Goodbyes do not have to be bitter, they can be meaningful and enriching!

So I want to dedicate this blogpost to all the people whose lives have enriched the tapestry that is Rekindle — those who had been with us, and especially those who are with us now. It is so meaningful and inspiring to watch and take part in our growth as individuals, groups, and as the greater whole that is Rekindle.

I am also grateful to the many clients who have come through our centre, allowing for the interweaving of professional journeys with personal journeys to create positive and healthier pathways for all.

To all the people and the relationships that have shaped and continue to shape me, I want to say Thank You for the journeying, together and apart.


About the author: Dr. Johnben Loy, MBA, MTS, PhD, is a USA-licensed marriage and family therapist and the founder and clinical director of Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy. Read more about Dr. Johnben Loy here.

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