REKINDLE ACADEMY offers low-fee therapy services for individuals, couples, and families, conducted by master’s level clinical interns. We provide counselling for relationship and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, substance abuse, addictions, family conflict, parenting, and more. We see clients of all ages, from children and teens (with guardian consent) to adults and the elderly.


To see our clinical interns, clients pay a small administrative rate of RM50 per 50-min session (or pro-rated RM1 per minute). Payment is by cash only. The administrative fees go towards supporting the training work at Rekindle Academy — our clinical interns do not receive compensation for their clinical internship. Please note that our professional therapists have different rates from Rekindle Academy. Please call to enquire.

Clients who are unable to pay the full administrative fee may further request for subsidy from the Rekindle Academy Fund. However, all clients will have to pay a minimal amount as this encourages clients to work towards their goals.

The duration of therapy (number of sessions) will depend on clients’ needs and the recommendation of the clinical interns.

Upon referral by our clinical interns, clients may receive Live Therapy Consultation from members of the supervision team (e.g. Dr. Johnben Loy) at no additional cost. Live therapy consultation takes place with the consulting clinician and the attending clinical intern in the therapy room as well as a reflecting team in an adjacent room.


Clinic hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (last appointment starts at 5:00 p.m.)

   Rekindle Academy Cell: 013 247 7196 (call during office hours, or send SMS)













Therapy is conducted by a team of master’s level clinical interns under supervision by Eric Hiew (Supervisor-In-Training) and overall consultation by Dr. Johnben Loy. Our current supervision team are as follows.

Photo (from Left to Right):
     Lim Jin Huan – Pursuing Masters in Counseling (HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
     Vicky Hooi – Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy (Mount Mercy University, Iowa, USA)
     Eric Hiew – Supervisor-in-Training

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia

Clients may be seen by two clinical interns at a time, and sessions will be audio- or video-taped for training purposes. Recordings will be kept private and confidential, and will be erased upon viewing.


Rekindle is open to accepting motivated students with a positive learning attitude for our 12-week undergraduate internship program. Our interns handle administration, special projects, and have a chance to observe live therapy. Interns also experience professional, academic, and personal development through mentoring and individual learning. Where possible, teamwork enhances our student learning process. While there is no financial compensation for our internship, our interns receive valuable industry experience. Our previous undergraduate interns hail from both local (UTAR; HELP University; Sunway University) and international (Simon Fraser University, Canada; University of British Columbia, Canada; University College London, England) institutions.

Interested in joining us? Contact us here to find out more.


1. Internship. To provide quality systemic clinical training for master’s students in mental health disciplines.
2. Service. To provide affordable individual and family therapy services by master’s level clinical interns.
3. Research. To establish a platform for research relevant to individual and family therapy in the Asian context.

Note: Rekindle Academy operates as a community-outreach and is primarily subsidised by Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy (Rekindle Sdn Bhd). Donors interested in supporting our work are invited to contact Dr. Johnben Loy.


We would also like to thank all our former interns who have contributed to make Rekindle Academy better in their own ways. They can be found here.