Avis Ng

Registered & Licensed Counsellor (Malaysia, KB-06250, PA-05691)

M.A. Counselling (University Malaya, Malaysia)
B.Sc. Psychology (Bemidji State University, USA)


  • Certified administrator for PREPARE/ENRICH couple relationship assessment (pre- and post- marital).
  • Certified practitioner for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®) Assessment tool.


Everyone has needs—the need for survival, freedom, power, fun, love, and belonging. When these important needs are not met, people turn to disruptive and harmful behaviours. For example, when working with self-harming adolescent girls, I hear the issues of loneliness and a need for love and belonging come up again and again. We see the disruptive actions on the outside, but we do not recognize the deeper underlying needs that are basic to all humans.

My journey in people-helping started when I volunteered as a tutor in orphanage homes in the Klang Valley. I quickly realized that the orphans needed a lot of love and attention but unfortunately, they were not getting any. Hence, at the age of 23, I decided to co-found a non-profit organization called AGAPE Vision. This organization empowers youth to be leaders in their community, and through our programme, young people can find and have their need for love and belonging met. In addition to my non-profit youth outreach work, I was a full-time school counsellor at Sri KDU Primary School from 2011 to 2017, working with children struggling with ADHD, self-harming, eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, and stress/trauma. I have come to see that not only do children from orphanages lack adequate love and attention, sometimes, even children and youth from normal families can experience similar deprivation.

With my experience as a volunteer and a professional counsellor, I realized how important it is for married couples to have strong marriages, because strong marriages create healthy families, and healthy families form the bedrock of a healthy society and nation as a whole. I am deeply passionate about empowering families to build strong relationships, especially marital couples.

My Approach to Therapy

I believe it is important to understand that the therapy process is not about finding fault or blaming each other, but about tapping into our own internal resilience and courage towards growth. I am comfortable working with children, teens, couples, and families in areas where they feel stuck and need a breakthrough. My approach draws on the power of the present—the here and now—in an expressive modality, to help clients identify their strengths and process their past trauma and inner child wounds. I also use tools such as sandtray, figurines, and other artistic expressions as and when needed during therapy.

In addition to my masters degree in counselling from the University of Malaya, I have also been trained in Satir Systemic Brief Therapy, Jungian Based Expressive Arts Therapy, and Sandplay Therapy. I have also some work with masters-level students using the FIRO-B assessment tool to help them understand relational needs and dynamics in teams.

My clients experience me as a calm and approachable counsellor who creates a safe and thriving atmosphere for them.

More About Me

I consider myself blessed to be a Malaysian where I had the opportunity to grow up with people from different backgrounds and races. My love for people from a variety of cultures drew me to further my studies in America, where I also took the opportunity to live with an American family, which exposed me to more diversity of religious backgrounds and practices. I am proud to add that I am married to a husband with mixed ethnic heritage (Chinese and Indian) and we have a precious baby daughter.


English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin (Intermediate), Cantonese (Intermediate).

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