Psych Testing

Psychological testing helps to identify specific areas of need which enable more precise and directed treatment interventions. At Rekindle, these tests are administered and interpreted by qualified and trained clinicians. Rekindle has the tools to diagnose cognitive ability (thought, memory, processing ability, etc.), child and adult intelligence, autism, ADHD in children, academic achievement, nonverbal ability, behavioral issues in children, and mental retardation.

When would I need to conduct a full psychological assessment?

The practice of conducting psychological assessment and testing is done when a clarification of diagnosis is needed. Majority of diagnoses can be determined by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist based on a full clinical interview. However, there are times when a psychological test(s) is used to confirm and/or obtain additional information.

What do I do if I think I or a child needs testing?

If you think you or a child might need a psychological assessment done, call our office to set up an appointment with one of the clinical psychologists for an intake session. We will conduct an intake session to determine the need, purpose, and address the concerns you have. If there is a need for a full psychological assessment to be done, we will provide you with our recommendation and upon agreement, schedule the appointments for the testing to be done. If you are currently seeing a therapist, talk to your therapist regarding the need and purpose for the testing. We will accommodate and provide the necessary recommendations and assessments.

How long will testing and assessment take?

Testing time can range from one-day to several weeks. The full psychological assessment will include a 2-hour intake session, administration of tests, and a 1-hour feedback session. In order to maintain the most accurate results, assessments will not be scheduled for more than 4 hours a day. Thus, depending on the tests, the full psychological assessments may take several days. The administrator will then spend several days scoring, interpreting, and writing the necessary report. Once the report is completed, a feedback session will be scheduled to explain the results and diagnosis as well as answer any questions present.

What documents will be provided?

You will be provided with the requested psychological assessment report or letter. Due to copyright and the confidential nature of the testing material and forms, you will only be provided with the final assessment report. The testing materials will be kept at our office in accordance with confidentiality and legal requirements. We will keep these records for 7 years. You may request the release of a copy of your test results to a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist who is trained to interpret the results of the assessments. This is to protect your results, privacy and the integrity of the test materials.

How much will a full psychological assessment cost?

The cost for a full psychological test varies depending on the types of assessments administered. Our psychologists will provide you with a recommendation of the types of assessments that will need to be done in order to answer the concerns and issues that are being addressed. In some cases, more than one psychological test may be needed to determine a proper clinical diagnosis. Please call Rekindle for a breakdown of the assessment costs.

Who needs to be available to do the tests?

If the client is a child, the child, parents/caregivers and possibly teachers need to be available to contribute to the assessment. If the client is a special-needs adult, the adult and his/her caregivers are required to be available for the assessment. If the client is an adult above 18, the adult is the only person required to be present during testing, although with consent, information from significant others may be collected as part of the assessment.

Additional information

It is important to note that the tests administered are normed based on North American population. Thus, although all scores obtained can be used as a guide, it may not be a fully accurate reflection of the client’s ability due to cultural variations. This will be noted in the reports along with cautions and other information to consider.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.